11 May 2020 - Alejandro Piña

Just another mock server but this one is chingon. Mockcat is a command line application to raise a http server from any file type also allow make CRUD operations with JSON file that contains an array of elements or one element at root


$ go install


With the given file collection-item.json

  "id": 1,
  "url": "foo"
  "id": 2,
  "url": "bar"


$ mockcat collection-item.json

Generates a simple http server to make CRUD requests http://localhost:8080/collection/item/ or http://localhost:8080/collection/item/{id}

{id} is default root property in a JSON file that contains an array, default property can be changed with the optional parameter property-matcher -m url


-m   :property-matcher used to retrieve an item from an array of elements through some root property, default id
-p   :port to listen incoming requests, default 8080


The following command listen incoming request at port 8082 and property-matcher is changed to seek items by url, http://localhost:8082/collection/item/{url} or retrive all collection http://localhost:8082/collection/item/

$ mockcat collection-item.json -p 8082 -m url

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