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Latest Documents

  • Man In The Proxy

    I really didn’t know how to headline this article so after give it turns and more turns I concluded that this technique should be called Man in The Proxy from Man in The Middle technique but on a global scale

  • Selfsigned Certificate In Wsl2 Linux Nginx

    A self-signed certificate is used when you need create local environments to build websites or applications that needs a hostname with SSL/TLS connection whithout CA authorities

Latest Projects

  • Ckwebspeech

    CKWebSpeech is a speech recognition plugin to CKEditor, it type out voice ideas into CKEdtior, with support for 32 languages from 62 culture variants.

  • Mockcat

    Just another mock server but this one is chingon. Mockcat is a command line application to raise a http server from any file type also allow make CRUD operations with JSON file that contains an array of elements or one element at root

  • Parallel Js

    Parallel is a Node.js library to spread concurrent task or promises, with deggree concurrency