Git Cheat Sheet

01 Aug 2022 - Alejandro Piña

Basic git commands that are used day to day

Working with branches

Switchs to a given branch

  • -b creates a branch if not exists
git checkout -b mybranch

List all local branches

git branch

View graph with basic information including commit short ID

git log --all --decorate --online --graph

You can wrap graph command in a short command with an alias e.g.

echo "alias gitgraph='git log --all --decorate --oneline --graph'" >> ~/.bash_aliases

Working with commits

Revert changes

  • --soft reverts changes to stagging area
  • --mixed reverts changes to working directory preserving modifications
  • --hard reverts changes including modifications
git reset --soft <commit_short_id>

Reorganizes current branch commits after HEAD <branch_name>, make sure that you fetched your braches before this operation

git rebase <branch_name>


Shows information about the commit like modifications and author

git show <commit_short_id>

Shows who mades the modifications line by line

  • -L shows part of the content <from,to>
git blame <filename> -L 0,10